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 In order to ensure the correct procedure for handling complaints due to faults in products, goods and services provided and sold in public catering establishments, accommodation establishments and facilities, this Complaints Procedure is issued on the basis of Section 29(4) of Act No. 130/1981 Coll. on Internal Trade and implementing Decree No. 100/1982 Coll:

 Art. 1 Right to submit a complaint

 1. If the client discovers that the food, beverages, goods, provided accommodation services or related services are faulty, they have the right to complain about these faults.

2. Complaints related to quality faults of food and beverages intended for immediate consumption in the establishment shall be submitted by the client during consumption, primarily directly to the attending employee, who shall immediately inform the manager of the establishment or the employee authorized by the manager about the complaint.

Where faults in food and drink intended for immediate consumption on the premises relate to quantity and weight, the complaint must be submitted before consumption commences.

3. Faults of other goods shall be claimed by the client at the establishment where the goods were purchased without undue delay on the basis of a proof of purchase.

4. Deficiencies must be submitted to the manager of the establishment or their representative without undue delay, the right to submit a complaint expires if a complaint has not been submitted within 15 days after the provision of the service.

5. When submitting a complaint, the client shall submit proof of the service (copy of the order, invoice, etc.), or the item that is claimed to be faulty.

Art.2 Handling of complaints

The manager or by them authorized employee of the establishment who receives complaints is obliged to inform the client about the applicable regulations and standards related to the provision of services. If the complaint cannot be settled immediately or is not considered justified by the manager of the establishment or the employee authorized by them, they are obliged to record the complaint with the client. The record shall contain the exact label of the service and the time of its provision, as well as what the client sees as a fault and the request about how the complaint should be handled. If the client, when making a complaint, hands over to the manager of the establishment, or to an employee authorised by them, a written document or the object claimed as defective, this fact must be explicitly stated in the record of the complaint. A copy of the record will be provided to the client.

Art.3 Complaint procedure

A complaint of faults as referred to in Article 2 shall be decided by the manager of the establishment or the employee authorised by them. If the manager of the establishment or the employee authorised by them finds that the complaint is justified, they shall handle it themselves.  


 Art. 4 Citizen's cooperation in handling of the complaint  

It is necessary for the client to provide the necessary cooperation to the employees of the establishment to handle the complaint, in particular to provide truthful information regarding the service provided. If the nature of the matter requires, the client shall allow the employees of the establishment or organisation access to the premises rented to the client for accommodation in order to ascertain the validity of the complaint.Čl.5 Vybavenie reklamácie.

Art. 5   Dealing with complaints

A. Catering services

1. Food faults are considered irremediable. If there is a fault in food, the client has the right to request a replacement of food as part of the complaint.
2. If the correct quality, weight, size or temperature of food or drink is not observed in the catering sector, the citizen has the right to demand that the error be properly and immediately rectified.


B. Accommodation services

1. In regards to accommodation services, the client has the right to demand the proper and timely elimination of faults by replacing the faulty or supplementing the small equipment of the room.
2. If it is not possible to eliminate technical faults in the room assigned to the client (heating system failure, poor hot water supply, power supply failure, etc.), the establishment cannot offer the client other, alternative accommodation, and if the room will be rented despite these faults, the client is entitled to a discount on the base price of the room.


Čl. 6 Additional assortment

 1.Liability for faults present in the items sold as additional assortment shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the Civil Code.

2. If it is a fault that can be rectified, the client has the right to have it rectified in a timely and proper manner. If the sold item has not yet been used, the client may ask for a replacement instead of rectifying the fault.

3. If there is a fault, which cannot be rectified and which prevents the item from being properly used as an item without faults, the client has the right to have the item replaced. 

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